easyJet Winter Readiness Conference 2018/2019
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I am pleased to welcome you to our eighth easyJet Winter Readiness Conference for Airport Authorities, Ground Handlers and our De-Icing Partners. Last year we had a fantastic conference at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey. Our objective is to once again deliver a first class conference that is both interesting and memorable to all that attend.

This year’s conference is going to be bigger and better than ever as we have increased the number of airports and exhibitors. There will also be attendees from around the world with us this year and I think that it is a good indication how important the conference is seen industry wide.

Together we have developed many ideas and initiatives over the past 8 years which have without a doubt supported our winter operation. Long may this continue as I truly believe that by working as one team we have the combined skills, experience and knowledge to ensure success. We have also developed a community approach at many of our airports where we work together for the common good for all of our customers. It is in all of our interest to achieve the safest and most efficient operation on a winter’s day, no matter what the weather conditions are.

During the conference our speakers will share their knowledge and experiences in the different aspects of winter operations and the challenges they have faced over the winter season. There will be the usual focussed and lively discussions on how we can develop further improvements for the winters to come.

We have progressed to a stage where frost days are taken in our stride. It is very unusual to hear on our first wave telephone call any issues in regards to early morning preventive anti-icing. The 2018/19 winter season was operationally very good. However, we do not want to be drawn into a false sense of security as there were very few snow days over the winter season.

During the conference we will have an opportunity to discuss what went right and what was not so good over the winter season. I would encourage you all get involved in the debates because we really want to learn from your experiences.

Last winter once again proved that Planning and Preparation will continue to be the driver for winter readiness and this is essential to both our success and your success as our key partners. The ‘One team, working together’ approach is the way to work in regards to winter readiness and winter operations. We all have a responsibility to work in partnership in achieving a common goal of reducing the amount of winter disruption to our valued customers. Following a community approach will also pay large dividends as all of us will benefit if airports, airlines and our service partners pull together to resolve winter challenges.

As always we have designed the conference and exhibition to be both informative and fun. This year we have increased the number of the key players in the world of de-icing exhibiting their new innovations and technologies. Please take the time to visit the exhibition booths as there is lots of good information available to you all.

As you can see this year we have picked another unique venue for the conference. It is both spacious and cooler than previous venues but I am sure you will agree it is stunning and more in line with the business we work in. As in previous years, we will continue with the easyJet tradition of having of splendid lunch.

I really want you to have a great time during the conference and I look forward to seeing you all there. This conference is very important to us all and I would encourage you to continue to work together as “One Team” to get the best from the conference day.

With this approach we can build upon the successes that we have already achieved in the previous winter seasons.

Karen Cox
Director of Ground Operations & Customer Management Centres

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